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Testimonials What Corporate Executives are Saying

Miller Heiman – “Your presentation more than exceeded our expectations!  The positive feedback was unanimous.  Everyone found your presentation to be insightful, humorous and motivational.”  Contact: Sam Reese (775) 827-4441

New Jersey Chapter of the Commercial Finance Association – “You are by far one of the best speakers that our organization has presented.  I personally found your life stories to be informative, entertaining, and most of all, heartfelt.”  Contact: Anthony Lavino (212) 771-9878

National Paper Trade Association – “Your speech was absolutely the highlight of the evening.  MANY people gave us great comments.  You kept everyone engaged and laughing.”  Contact: Don Belcher (631) 777-2223 ex15 or E-mail:

Vancouver Jewish Community Center – “People are still talking about what a GREAT time they had at the dinner and how much they LOVED your keynote speech. You were truly amazing and also a real pleasure to "work" with.”  Contact: Flori Spector  (604) 257-5111 Ext. 230 or E-mail:

Travelers Life and Annuity - "Everybody loved Jim Bouton!" Contact: Barbara Brown (860) 277-2165

ALLTEL - "He was one of the best speakers we've ever had." Contact: Denise Kennedy (501) 220-4351

Storage USA -"Not only did you score the highest of all our guest speakers and trainers, but also scored the highest of any of our events. Congratulations!" Contact: Karen Langham (410) 730-9500.

Texas Telephone - "You exceeded all our expectations, and I heard nothing but praise from our glowing members."  Contact: Carol Hutton (972) 243-8705

Rutgers School of Law - "Your presentation at our Sports Law Symposium was outstanding." Contact: Jack Sabatino (609) 225-6377.

General Dynamics - "Your remarks on the process of life change and reinvention were an ideal cap to our meeting." Contact: Lorraine Donley (802) 657-6061.

NY State Telcom Association - "I wanted to let you know how thrilled we were with your speech. You were the highest rated speaker we've had in years."  Contact: Robert Puckett (518) 443-2700.

American Society of Home Inspectors - "Thank you for your exceptional keynote presentation. Our members laughed and learned a lot." Contact: Carlos Tabora (847) 759-2820.

JGI Software - "Jim, you are the perfect example of a speaker who knows how to reach his audience... enthusiastic, prepared, sincere and very funny." Contact: Michael Janis (201) 712-0505.

Forging Industry Association - "You received our highest possible rating as 100% of our members rated you 'Good to Excellent.'"  Contact: Cynthia Korzun (216) 781-6260.

Amdahl Corporation - "What impressed us most about Jim was how quickly he understood our business and the way he wove that knowledge into his presentation."

Automatic Data Processing - "Everybody loved Jim at our President's Club in the Bahamas. He was a great anchorman for our Superstars competition, and the most "real" motivational speaker we've ever had. The wives said it was the first time they actually enjoyed the business meeting."

Kidder Peabody - "Jim's tone and message are just right. I still borrow his comments whenever I talk with my people."

Key Bank of New York - "Jim had 550 people in stitches."

PPG - "Jim arrived early, signed his books, joined our pre-program meeting and then delivered a great speech."

Tenneco - "We've had all the sports guys, but Jim's the best. We've had him back four times."

Ford Dealers - "He's outstanding. Jim's inspirational remarks and personal touches were right on target. We're still receiving comments."

National Electric Sign Association - "Jim combines humor and a fresh perspective that was loved by all ages. And he's the easiest, most professional speaker I've ever had the pleasure to work with."

Prudential - "Jim was a big hit in Monaco. He provided the perfect touch for the executives and their spouses."

Volkswagen Dealers of America - "A whole different perspective. Not the rah rah stuff you sometimes hear... and what's more, the guy was hilarious."

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