Foosball Tables – How to Buy the Right One


Foosball is a kind of game that you play with a table specifically designed for this. This is just like a mini soccer game. It is up to 4 players, minimum of 2. The goal of the game is to score goals which are by maneuvering the miniature “players” which are attached to 8 different poles that span the table’s length. Every player has control on 4 out of 8 poles using mainly the handles. These handles are then flicked using a quick wrist move. This is done to kick the ball right to the goal. Foosball is considered as a recreational activity that can be played not only by adults but by children as well. However, this isn’t to be taken for granted as it is a competitive sport. You can find World Cup, and World Championship competitions for this one held annually, not to mention there is the ITSF or the International Table Soccer Federation that was first established back in 2002 wherein it aims at giving the foosball game exposure as one of the international sport and even promote it for the International Olympic Committee.

But if your aim is simply as recreation, then having the foosball table in your home is a great addition. It can be in a game room, sports bar, youth club or in an arcade. When you are looking for a foosball table, keep in mind that there are different table types available in the market and you need to consider the specific factors that affect your choices and where you are going to buy these foosball tables.

Foosball Tables Types

There are two different foosball table types, which is the stand-alone and the table-top foosball table. Your choice between the two will entirely depend on your budget, the skill level of players that are going to be using the table and the available space for it. You will also find foosball tables with sizes double that of the multi-game tables. Such tables provide more functionality. There are also coin-operated tables, too.

Stand-alone Type

This is the standard type of foosball table, which is an all-in-one kind wherein the tabletop is connected to sturdy legs. This type of foosball table is usually made of solid wood, and it can be quite heavy, too. The ones that are considered of good quality are those that stand the test of time. It provides players a lot of years of fun and enjoyment. The standard type is normally more expensive compared to the tabletop versions because they are bigger and are made of high-quality materials. These are made to stay in a single place, which is not the way tabletop versions are made.

Tabletop Type

This is the perfect option for those that want to play foosball yet are short on space or ones that want to transport the table in various locations, such as taking it to your vacation home. They are designed to sit on top of a sturdy table, like a game room table or the kitchen table. One of the main advantages of the tabletop type is that they are smaller, which means that they are easy to move around because they are lightweight. They are also easier to store and are usually less expensive compared to the standard tables. Some of these types are made from mid-grade materials, like plastic. This type is great for young children that are still learning about the sport. It can be placed on top of a low table, like the coffee table, wherein the kids can easily reach it.